Hot Stones Massage

This full body, hot stone therapy massage is one of the most relaxing treatments available within the beauty industry



Energising massage:


  • A greatly energising massage using the thermal healing power of heated basalt stones. This is a 60 minute full body massage, pure unadulterated bliss.


  • The high level of iron and magnesium in the stones allows them to release heat slowly to work where the body needs it. Increasing circulation so that nutrients reach the cells in the body more quickly.


  • This treatment is also great for detoxifying organs such as the liver and kidneys so they can work more efficiently.


  • One massage stroke of the stone is as beneficial as ten massage strokes by hand, bringing you both the physical benefits of relaxation and pain relief, as well as the mental benefits of stress relief and relaxation.



30 min. - 30£
45 min. - 35£
60 min. - 40£
90 min. - 55£